Deviation from rational and ethical mode of treatment has crossed the road of ancillary management in Covid -19 like a cause way, shattering its paved route of management in to multifaceted and multi-fate disease with variant morbidity and mortality ratio.

Never has been this was a
precedent earlier in which, modalities and options of treatment was a standardized operative procedure and yes same in prescription also where regimen was a protocol that was still under direct discreatory power of the clinician to finally decide what not be prescribed.

It is less of a Covid -2 virus and its virulence propensity that is taking the spike of death ratio but definitely a wrong precedent of dictated methodology of designed prescribed structural WHO treatment that is snatching love one from lovers.

What for God sake on earth has arrived that has uncontrolled milieu to the extent that even the best on earth as human race altogether gone in to compulsive submission as failure in spite of God’s best given abilities in front of just a virus?.

This is because a ridiculous unprecedented scoop of rationale of treatment being put as command by few of the backbenchers to the many on front desk to execute, institute and implement what is being put in the name of management protocol by the so called non professional functionary elites of the globe working in herd and under umbrella of WHO.

To the mount of belief and faith a very unnatural submission of doctors in front of newly define modalities of un-text and syllabi treatment is again a cause of massive death rate.

Out of my decades of professional practice never in my life have seen such stringent, sting, strict and sculptured directive dictation in treatment and options to the last as death but the only where disease as irreversible which could not succumb but to be put on machine as support.

On the contrary, as of today; there comes a disease whose only option after its contract is a machine from where no one returns as killing machine, the Ventilator.

I am astonished over the class of professional intellects as clinician whom has given up their skilled maneuvering excellence in front of fear and fright thereby reluctantly escaped leaving patient on the fate and fatality of good luck and fortune thus handing over their expertise and skilled intellect over and to a ventilator.

So the ultimate decision to the last as still to come opinion in the hand of a seasoned and polish clinician whom once fight till last with its immense skill, never take its flight to fight that will sooner land with patient survival.

Here is the reason why the masses have irrevocably run away from the hospital thereby discarding once a god on earth as clinician.

Is in it strange that cascade of events that is brought about in any fatal or grave disease, to the extent of reversible or irreversible stage, has a declared texted eventual outcome and fatality and symptoms comprehensively written and teach in thereof books have always the counter influence of added written texted management and methodology.

However since the starting day of the pandemic we do not see such hard hitting skilled retaliation stance from the clinicians that was previously used to get patient out of irreversible agony hence not a single institution of trial or regimen based patient revitalization could be seen that could revert fate with fight but, a horny fate of cruel ventilatory death.

Once any disease may it be fatal to any gravity was a mere challenge in front of doctors yet strangely things have now been upside down and it seems clear that fear has taken flee to flight than fight.

In my opinion a non statistical early endemic data being collected is put as guardian angel and the next modality of treatment as further management is assigned as protocol to be followed by whole world till further and next order of the day.

Here lies the reason of exemplary deaths in COVID-19 which are actually not treated but managed as per untested dictated protocol of WHO that has always changing minutes without penalizing and penalty to the disease but standardized dictated protocol as if an auto drag down procedures that ought to be followed without ifs and buts.

In my opinion modalities in treatment of Covid -19 should be renewed and revived as was previously treated with response to cascade of symptoms for there is nothing that is a new concept in management which is tearing and torturing human body vide ventilator.

Cytokine storm or secondary DIC (Disseminated intravascular coagulation or viral replication and infectivity all and must be an “over the counter” subject for doctors and as such treatment to shortness of breath to other fever, cough and Myalgia shall all have to be treated as was previously being treated in other respiratory ailments by steroids or antihistaminic or vasodilators at least as a first line trial regimen.

But nevertheless the same never turned up as rational rather concealed myth of treatment with dictative primary methodology of WHO deliberate policy.

Ventilators do not need medicine if you don’t prescribe.

Patient will continue to live like a dead man lying.

Let him stay for year or 8 years.

How come the last option became the first whereas what remained forerunners as wonder drugs and procedure were put aside in the name of pandemic disease with perhaps no treatment?

What is this term being used as no treatment when the cascade of event has eventual symptoms already known to clinician as well as prescibed by books therefore to turn andbtopple with treatment.

The decision to begin mechanical ventilation should start with a mode that should presume a conditional requirement as to what sort of ventilation shall be the necessary need of patient among assisted or controlled.

We must understand Mechanical ventilation cannot control disease process which needs to be corrected as such and as per prescribed text.

This intervention is a critical mode of treatment which has its own backfire as backlash.

In my opinion mechanical ventilation is only indicated when spontaneous ventilation is inadequate to engrave life hence to safe guard as prophylaxis before impending collapse of respiratory or physiological functions.

Although we all understand the myth behind falling oxygen saturation and necessity in relation to it, yet the reality is to cage and corner over gauge that machine has its predominant function that will cast and cost as ultimate loss .(Dr Raza)