Virus is not as seasonal as influenza but like almost all respiratory viruses the group along with Covid-19 are seasonal.Summer shall give a feeling of lull and self complacency yet still we have different degree of findings in Australia and southern hemisphere so watch out.



There is a second phase of epidemic in mid or late June or early July particularly in developed countries.


This next phase would be less abnormal than the first phase.


The next upcoming will be;


You may go out but little not often and no crowded place.


Restaurant would be there but every one apart and at every other table .


Aeroplanes at your door but with empty middle seats.


School shall regain their opening but not like as it was earlier classes and will have similar social distances.Remember you can not fill stadiums with 70,00 people any more.


You will work little earn little and spend little, its no good time anymore as it used to be.


Sporting & Entertainment event will not qualify for long since live audience would continue to carry risk of spread and shed.


Religious activities will continue to be in grey shades with unclear pen picture.


There will be applications to download that shall define your immediate past mates and dates therefore contact tracing can easily be worked out.


Variable numbers of digital approaches have been introduced.


It will be through the blue tooth or beep that is inaudible to human verifying that two phone were reasonably closer to each other.


In short there are and will be application which you will install to testify your where about in previous days if you ever test positive.


Current swab test requires person to change clothing at every new sample.


Sooner within months there will be a self swab approach test like in- home pregnancy test called R-D-T Rapid diagnostic test.


This test will be like pregnancy test in which you will swab your nose and mix the same in liquid container and the same is than drop over in to a strip which will change color if you are positive.


This report will than be shared to your government to act further as per law.


Though it takes time to develop vaccine say 10 or 20 years yet the minimum and fastest ever recorded tenure would be tagged with Covid -19 vaccine development.


Not less than 18 month is the minimum period though speculated shortest period is 09 month since 3rd phase of trial has human efficacy and safety.


A single dose vaccine would have 7.5 billion target where as 02 dose vaccine would have 15 billion doses.Point has its own worth in display explaining future strategy to gun and guide money as per desire.


Best ever marketing strategy is to divide and multiply and the 7 will give 15 with two dose and the 3rd dose will put you up at 21.


Again manufacturing will be unprecedented and multiple companies would be involved in manufacturing.


However the task has a assigned dictation and the blue eyed remains the choice of interest.


It is said that health care workers would be the first to receive the vaccine followed by low income countries.


This is because of the exposure risk they have numerically.


It is expected that the virus shall expand exponentially more in poor countries for their lack of compliance and poor health system making them vulnerable.


However this is not a valid justification and if I see stats in relation to current spread for I see a low rate in snug and smug in these areas compared to developed countries.


So the plan to put and push low income countries as foremost is to pay for the cost of developing vaccine as if human guinea pig or in terms of safe human trial and in all perspective an unjustified criminal strategy.


Other imperative necessity to be kept in consideration is not every one would get the vaccine at same time so time remains the enemy and condition remains the problem.


World need to decide who are the forerunners as winners to get first as must.


Remember plan is world can only return to normal when everyone on the planet is vaccinated or have a modest treatment in hand.


Its still years to come before world is vaccinated and before its again good old days.At the end of May hydrxychloroquine shall get a modest stature in the proposed treatment of Covid-19 .


Drawing blood from patient recovered from Covid -19 and giving plasma as antibodies it contains against virus is under run as promising candidate in treatment modality.


It is postulated that every falling month without a vaccine shall have more powerful backlash on economy that would put countries on hang.


There are more lock downs to come and soon to be a next seasonal approach of honeymoon in winter.


We must know some one is too fond of vaccine and its manufacturing.


Very soon an RNA Vaccine is undertaking its flight to launching.


It will not be like influenza virus vaccine that has fragments of influenza virus in shot so to boost up antibodies against influenza antigen.


An RNA vaccine turns your body in to own vaccine manufacturing unit.


Its a new approach where RNA will give a genetic code to the immune system in place of virus and the resultant antibodies will be produced without introducing Virus.


Being new in innovative approach, I personally could not agree with the concept of genetic code and its further antigenic response to create viral immunity as antibodies.


In my opinion its a genetic mutation that will sooner or later create autoimmune adversaries since antibodies are directed against the mutated code imitating as virus though was never a virus but artificially tailored changes being brought about in immune system through genetic coding and sequence.


Immune system has a complex behavior and such manipulations in any genetic sequence without an actual viral analogue yet deranged genetic coding in its own RNA polymer shall be a precursor or basis of gene mutation leading to subsequent tumor in future.


The other very important aspect of this altered genetic coding ,the RNA vaccine unit , also supports the 5-G theory of conspiracy that puts fear among people of similar mutations and endless cancer.


Why not belief that changes in sequence in genetic code could also be brought about by 5-G internet.


This is because human body is itself an electrical system and is sensitive to environment.


This 5-G is a battlefield gauge of electromagnetic field and its frequency sequence definitely expose human to mutation on particular sequence altering and creating a cytokine storm without a virus antigenic response or its prior exposure but by mimicking a viral antigenic response similar to virus but not virus hence a cascade of autoimmune hyperactivity.


It is said that RF and MW radiation exposure causes disturbances in immune system with physical alteration along with degradation of immunological response.


Cancer cells are vulnerable to frequencies between 100,000 hertz and 300,000 hertz.


Humans are electrical chemical beings tuned to earth natural pulse frequency of 7.83 hertz known as Schumann Resonance.


When humans are in sync with 7.83 the body is able to heal and increase its vitality.


If we are out of sync with Earth’s Frequency (Schumann Resonance) we begin to exhibit signs of discomfort that can range from anxiety, insomnia, illness, suppressed immune etc.


Magneto-reception (also magnetoception) is a sense which allows an organism to detect a magnetic field to perceive direction, altitude or location.


This sensory modality is used by a range of animals for orientation.


Magneto-reception deals with the detection of the Earth’s magnetic field.


Bats may also use magnetic fields to orient themselves.


They use echolocation to navigate over short distances, it is unclear how they navigate over longer distances.Our health depends upon this natural coherence of frequency and environment.


However on the other perspective how could 5-G with billions of hertz against natural Schumann resonance could not effect our health being with such a massive hidden 5-G bombardment.


Though conspiracy theorist are running parallel with the pattern and spread of the disease on fiction and real realm; the created suspicion there off has a reserved seat in thinking mechanics of researcher who can not go without endorsing facts as per figure.


A very important scoop of attention lies in the fact that a Covid disease should be looked in a separate slot from its transmissibility during its contagious phase.


Recent studies suggest that R-O of COV -2 is 5.7 and not 2.5.


Lets understand one thing high R-O (R Naught) does not means a dangerous disease where as R-O is the infectivity of the disease.


R-O less than 1 means disease will die down where as R-O above 1 means the disease will continue to spread.


SARS have R-O of 2 to 5 but could infect only 8000 where as flu has R-O of 1.3 yet it infects millions.


These numbers tell us only potential transmissibility of virus and not disease and screening and quarantine are ways to gauge and cadre transmissibilty of the virus.


It must be emphasized here that vaccine take time to create immunity (at least 02 weeks) and the means span shall have en-route drugs effective to combat disease in mean time.


Essentiallity for a vaccine has basic criteria of safety and efficacy as a little failure will get the harmonic trump out of band.


We have a general belief that someone out there would always be ready to accommodate the worse we have.


However pandemics have little cushion and as such demoralizes this faith and belief for in reality even the best of health care system could not succumb and sooner or later unveiled or show its incapacity to hold fort for long.


Germs do not cause disease and are not cause of the disease but are the result of the disease.(Dr Raza)