What is concerning the most is, why should vaccination be the prime treatment of choice in an anti viral treatment modality?


And same goes to anti viral treatment in a disease which has an 80 percent carrier state that is likely to vanish after incubation period of 14 days without symptom in 80 percent population and whereas few slots of different percentage and severity may turn with fatality not more than 04 percent at the most.

Is in it strange that we have acknowledge presence of carrier state of virus(Infective stage) as disease where as in reality a full blown disease from virus has very low propensity with again a crude fatality that is a mere subject of havoc or hue rather a management.

A zoonotic virus with a masked vector infecting human to human again and again as contact transmission with a further life cycle without an initial transporting vector or original specie;

That is too strange that transmission cycle has a cease recessive allele from which a virus originated say as bat or pangolin or whatever where as further progression of the virus has a human contact transmission without any input from its previous cycle rather out of cycle meaning the virus does not need anymore what is termed a necessity as vector for spreading in to human neither specie that it belongs to as commensals.

It means next breed of virus expansion and spread has human as host and no one behind as ghost vector any more.

Let’s be simple and ask our self what is the fate and life cycle of virus while in its frame of human to human spread.

A man as person zero will infect 1 or 2 where as the ground zero and human zero will become the first on earth in girth.

Fate of the one as Patient zero will either be resolution or late resolution and revival after a disease course or death as unrecovered fatality.

The point is not every one is carrying a disease yet everyone can be a potential spreader or carrier whom may help in progression of spread of virus but not disease for virus remains as carrier in 80 percent without being symptomatic.

So if in case population at large becomes the carrier, 80 percent shall not exhibit viral disease and yes shedding that shall infect many along with or without symptoms.

This shows that what does not raise symptoms in 80 percent population has limited petition to be considered on ground of pandemic or epidemic or endemic disease for which necessity shall demands urgent vaccination.

And yes considering the importance on ground of potential patient that shall get disease and turn in to fatal though may be low outcome of course; demands keen logical input for safety and treatment considering part as parcel of ailing humanity.

Let’s not take whole world as slip up and peddler who may not understand the graph and its movement around the sphere.

I am sorry but the virus could not play what is being displayed in countries that are developed.

Though the objection that no of cases are being misreported due to unavailability of test kit may be a logical ask but even with unavailable kits, lack of compliance for lockdown and similar non compliance on social distancing and etc; the calculation of disease spread and its aftermath should be on ground of infectivity of spread as disease and not on spread of virus that just makes 80 percent population as mere carrier.

This is because a non- virulent virus with no infecting capacity and a better immune response of the people that shatters infectivity of virus which is called the immunity of that population or herd immunity clearly defines that virus virulence is less as compared to people resistance as immunity especially in poor countries.

The same goes to other countries and a dangerous outcome of any disease or spread is its infective deter or spread causing fatalities and not its non-virulent spread that does nothing except making people a carrier hence tagging virus as perhaps sooner to become commensals.

Let’s be frank and logical testing people is neither a necessity nor can be tagged as necessity.

That is so immature that you go for testing 7. 5 billion people in globe therefore to see whether one is Covid positive or not.

So being logical is to create criteria that shall accommodate population at large that is less likely to be infected with population most likely at risk.

Influence of virus is different in variant countries and studies as per epidemiological criteria shall have different results.

This is insane that virus being tagged as a universal influencer who shall now disrupt this universe with its virulence and the only modality in treatment shall and would be to vaccinate globe before they start exhibiting interactive interaction again like they used to previously.

Come on come out of idiocy and define terms in a manner hood with utilizing phrases at their best.

Carrying a virus and carrying a disease are two methodologies.

Not necessarily a virus shall provident disease and may likely go unnoticed where as when it exhibit and turn in to infective episode the same is called disease.

Under no means few among the globe as caretaker can be allowed to witness truth where as all within the globe are to follow such so called prophetic soul being put up in the name of WHO .

Recent studies in relation to Covid -19 and day to day minute changes being brought about by concerned game changers suggest that there are 115 agencies looking after vaccine preparation and the run to become the first pioneer is in progress but frankly the first to come has a reserved seat which has a reserved approval of all authorities may it be Licencing, patency or WHO recommended regulatory FDA approval.

It takes lot of years to get a vaccine out of dungeon say 10 or 20 years but look at the artistic work of backbenchers that within period of few month launching shall put many poor nations on human guinea pig.

It is being thought upon that initially out of billion vaccines being manufactured; first to be vaccinated would be those countries that have a poor medical system since they are endangered species or perhaps the investigational human trial.

Next to follow would be workers in medical field perhaps or racial color or nation based samples.

In addition therapeutic accelerator and plasma substitute from those infected and recovered are also in Toto.

One must understand it’s not a game of months or years.

It is a forecast marketing strategy for a decade and so till its new arrival as new threat for the world as new pandemic.

Some people are claiming to protect globe from an unseen enemy and as such the avengers as last knight is the vaccine that is being looked after Mr. Bill Gates and Inc.

So the plan is billions of vaccine with billions of target customer in a dose of profitable concept of multi dose regimen may be like hepatitis (Engerix –B) in 012 schedule or 016 with booster at 01 yr or 5 yr.

Is in it amazing that we are waiting for a vaccine; that vanish virus after just a 20 second hand wash.

Strangely a well known soft ware expert briefs the world as scientists with his prophetic speeches as what to come next in universe thus lecturing the globe on preparedness and response.(Dr Raza)