A Novel:In literatureNovel is a fictitious narrative in a story with sequence chain of events that include cast, character settings and an ending.It is an idea of evolving identity that has never been thought before with an image of something new and different.A Novel focuses on character development more than a plot.It is a kind of fiction and fiction is an art of crafting and engineering characters with written script.A novel is a fictitious prose typically representing character and action with some degree of realism.A manuscript of more than 40,000 or above words is considered to be a novel.A novel is a long fictional narrative that defines intimate human experiences.Summing up a novel tells about specific human experiences over a considerable length of time.One must remember not all fictions are novel but all novels are fiction.The following traits must be present in a novel.It must be written in prose rather verseStorytellers must have different degree of knowledge and different point of view.
(First person versus third person and so on)It should have a demonstrated word length, individualism and fictional content.It may have semi fictional narrative of history or a fiction that exists in real world.Its plot must have at least three act structureThis is how a “Novel” is launch, Publish, distribute in the name of the story, therefore as a real time fictional story with little bit of realism.Here we present the name that itself defines the organism and its birth.Let’s decode the code and code it for decoding remedy.Here is your “ Novel” for any one regardless of age can get it.“The Novel Corona Virus”There is always a conspiracy theory behind every presentation
(Dr Raza)