What is important?Spreading of virus or the disease secondary to it?What are we trying to do; containing virus or curtailing disease.In my opinion containing virus cannot be executed whereas curtailing disease can be managed.Solution lies in herd immunity for its impossible for our people to obey the functionaries orders in true letter and spirit.Let’s be realistic.People are poor and functionaries are corrupt.People can starve but the problem is, governance will not manage this lockdown induced starvation therefore violation of order is the tunnel end.Inference is; spread of the disease has hidden remedy and that is a herd immunity secondary to primary exposure creating passive immunity for exposure retaliation again, if at all.Let’s prepare for the exposure and let exposure be contained and nullify by antibodies.My opinion of the quiz is virus is less virulent than the immunity our people are bearing.This has documented evidence from people whom have been quarantine and now discharge without a single entity going through the mild or moderate course of disease even.I am not saying; I am only true and positive but this is what a stats defines the spread map.Let’s face it for once and create antibodies for long.Trend has static graph and does not need lockdown any more for what has been presented as calculation in terms of positive cases or likely to be positive has not come up as after effects.There may be more potential cases but iconic sign is, people did not come up with the disease and virus could not show its virulence either.What if we have number of positive cases but with no modality in terms of severity?Carrying as carrier and bearing as disease are two different scopes.If major portion of population carries a disease with no symptoms population at large become immune to it.We must match our socio economic blue print with upcoming threat that shall put massive at large in to a dip that will never give them a goose bump again.There will be no vaccine in near days or months and as such a likely second wave of disease shall put the country if not before, in to a civil war.No government can hold the fort of population’s thriving for food and for long and in sustained manner.Global misfortune will soon shutter trade and mobility and sooner or later countries had to rely on their own manufacturing’s may they be food, goods or medicine.Attack has basics understanding of antonym as defence and to defend one has to face and retaliate.We cannot leave empty platform for the disease to spread in a scoop of fear where people submits their body and soul without retaliating with burst of immunity or whatever they have.If we ought to die at least die with an honor not in fear and horror.Death is eminent and life is certain till its time of death.(Dr Raza)