Herd immunity is a form of indirect immunity from infectious disease when a large percentage of population in a society is immune or protective.This immunity can be attained through active immunization by vaccination or passively by getting natural immunity after infection hence building a new response though development of antibody.Herd immunity shutters the spread of disease and contributes to disruption of spread.The percentage of people that must have required immunity to slow or stop spread of disease is called herd threshold.Natural immunity develops when one get immune after contracting disease therefore resisting it naturally vide antibodies against the organism on re-exposure.It develops when so many people in a community becomes immune to infectious disease causing epidemic break.Such massive level of protection from re infection or disease spread is called herd immunity.Sometimes a disease spread through the community unnoticed and wean off itself creating herd immunity.Thus herd immunity is the protection from a contagious infection when population at large is immune to it either through previous vaccination or through previous infection.The process of becoming immune for future includes the production of antibodies specific to the virus.This production of antibodies can be after a person develops symptom or even when it do not develop symptoms or irrespective of the symptom.A symptomless exposure develops immune response developing antibodies against the virus and thus becomes naturally protected.When large population is immune virus has the hardest time to affect and infect middle of the herd who are unprotected thus the spread dies off as no further transmission to community can be appreciated due to natural resistance in surrounding thus slowing the spread as well as social infectivity.The pivotal role of herd immunity is that if people are not vaccinated or even the vaccine could not trigger response to disease in terms of provisioning immunity yet still people who are immune would act as a buffer between infected and other.R (o) is a basic reproductive ratio of herd immunity and is define as the average person an infected individual gives disease to.It remains fairly constant to variant disease and the R (o) for corona virus is between 2 or 3.By herd immunity we reduced the basic infective reproductive ratio to effective reproductive ratio of 1.As such when R (o) remains 1 disease do not grow above and remain stable.Now if we suppose that we have a herd immunity of any kind within the community we can reduced the number and spread of disease to the major extent.Since the pattern of disease spread has Reproductive ration R (o) 3 the spread could be curtailed best by exposing and enhancing the herd immunity thereby reducing the R (o) and creating buffer of spread by people themselves.In My opinion best way to control this epidemic was to create immunity, especially in Pakistan, was through the herd immunity not vide vaccination but by exposing maximum to the epidemic so that maximum number of cases of passive immunization could have a better natural resistance .Here it must be noted that China model of theme and theory of epidemic control has demographic cum environmental based differences where as its population has a limitless level of more than 1.5 billion people of variant statistical date and data as far as age, habit and habitat are concerned.It is true that out of blues if 1 percent of the Chinese population could have been brought in to death counter the inflicted number shall have risen to 15 million people at a stretch which is a large number to pay for herd immunity.So naturally and very rightly; Chinese decision to go for city and intra / intercity lock down was justified.But this decision to go for lock down in major cities of Pakistan is somewhat immature for the population here is fivefold less than china as well the norms culture habits and politico-religious affairs at extremes of distance apart.Intercity lock down would have been a better option where as intra-city affairs should have strict partial self quarantine/ forced strict policy.Being a doctor and very well aware of the fact and figures and of course the pattern from prodromal to aftereffects of any disease that take the flight of outbreak; I under no means take this non tech. and unprofessional dealing of the so called outbreak as liquid diet to be assimilated as such and as per dictated assorted theology and assault of the functionaries.As per available data and the run of the disease in terms of course and gravity; there is no second thought but the belief that progression of disease has a mild course of influence on majority and no more than few though are still controversial takes the full blown course of critical.Stats of quarantine throughout and in special centers have not a single case being reported to the peak of no return.And yes test being conducted as part of pre -assessment tool have false positive element and even positivity does not necessarily necessitate seriousness to the level of Zombie’s catch as if some on who is a threat to the community.In my opinion functionaries must redress and redefine their policies regarding Covid-19 outbreak keeping their demographic outline and conditional requirement as deemed necessary keeping masses at large and social economical factors as foremost mandatory asylum of strategy.In my opinion as per available data and defined past drives thru course and cases, a strategy to encompass herd immunity should be considered by exposing people and developing herd immunity and not through lock down and curfews.Up till now my conclusive remarks as per critical observation and inference we as nation have a better protection and prognostic cordon and as such it is needless to put state in to affairs of social and economical misbalanceIn my personnel opinion we have an innate immunity against the virus and even if a little chance to progress as per suspicion our strategic move should be developing herd immunity before we jump in to means of other protective mechanisms like lock down or curfew vaccination etc (Dr Raza Haider )