Why not define these term once for all in its real sense of pleasure as decend
1.Ghair allah
2. Donillah / Indallah
3.Min allah

Undoubtedly meaning elaborated by you or else have different text of version than my comprehending and understanding as a layman and illiterate.

This is in my opinion an outright deviated translation of moslem scholars and it deceives majority simple masses in to distracted understanding and misconception.

Ghair allah has a simple meaning and that is those unmarked men & masses whom have not been declared by the (Mighty) as belonging to him or those whom are not being called upon on (His) (Allah) behest and behalf as his men of honor, may you call them other than “The Aliaans) or in English in a lighter mood the (Aliens).

The term Ghair Allah is not about Allah but people whom have not been declared by God as his successor in the universe.

Conversely if we will use this term in the context and meaning as of and as has been phrased in translation as “Allah”, the meaning would take the aya away and beyond along with thinking mechanics of the reader as well and calling and recalling and praising any “Marked man” of designated prophetic aptitude or a similar pride of the lions club or Messenger for help, waseela, tawassul or intercession would always remain and become shirk and will be treated as shirk just because the term has been wrongly or deliberately and deviatedly defined as Ghairallah means other than allah (rather should have been define as those not as successors or waliallah)

2.Indillah /Donillah is again from the same clan and craft yet the term again has been used menacely & mercilessly rather irrationally where as donillah is again about the people other than the God and not (God) where as indillah is from the God and not as (God) again where as minallah is from the God as (Minjanib Allah) and not Allah.

The central idea of the version of debate is what holds our scholar to elaborate their content and their meaning to be disbursed and prayed may people like or dislike.

(Dr Raza)