We must understand one thing; whenever we talk or tag religion in capacity of a follower.
Roads and routes are built as passages and pavement therfore, with declared demarcations and cordons corridor. 
Route has defined destinations with marked milestones. 
People with stature and status from king to nomad all cross and criss  roads and pavements which has defined parameters inspite and despite variant changes at their own therfore to reach and utilse their ultimate desire as destination.
Regardless of the journey, law of the land, and premises of the sculpture; remains patent despite changes brought about by people as tresspassers.
While at journey people of variant origin and dicscreate status accomplished their desire and focus yet route remains immaculate and unchanged though people reach their motto at different stance.
Point is simple Islam or any other religion may it be christianity and buddism or bla bla can not be blamed for wrong doings and variant stance of followers .
This is because, Religions have many things in common; same gender marriage is one of them, which is prohibited in almost every religion and technically as far as human race is concerned.
However inspite and despite of frank law we as follower ;may we be hindu ,muslim or christian; deviate corum and course of religion at our own that shall never be prosecuted or tagged in the name of religion .
Perversions have no values and what has no value never become custom. 
What is not custommary is not traditional and what remains untraditional never becomes endemic but a rare phenomena known exclusively as abnormal among communals as differentiated or dysplasia known in oncology as Cancer.
Cancer can be any where in the body and body shall never be mistreated for such discourse of exibition; rather selctive and productive segregational treatment of part that becomes cancerous.(Dr Raza)