Marriage has a phenomenal end result and that is, an implant of the gene, therefore, to give birth to a new genome that has same quantitative and qualitative mixing and match; although new as birth. If such match and new batch could not become fate on date even marriages between normal couple become obsolete as debate.

Whereas if such match and patch are totally devoid of the fact that they neither can conceive nor can seed as newcomers; the match and catch becomes a matter of desire preferentially known as Lust.

Under no means such relationship can be in binding as marriage for;

Marriage is an understanding to give new one what we together have in different.

Marriage is a synchronization of soul hence dissolving bruit, therefore, to evolve a new soul with the same quality in a new era as remains of the previous hence past; people name them as ancestors.

Marriage is not a filthy guilt which can become a matter of controversy in any custom and culture but rather an element of peace, symphony and passionate feel that soothes people around as if something sacred.

Under no means, such relationships are being backed in any culture and religion may it be Moslems or Christians or blah blah.

This is the reason why such laws are passed to restrain unbelievers in society for; people in spite of all freedom consider this matching as a flaw. (Dr. Raza)