Beauty is envisage in imagination.

Sights and scenes of immaculate cosmic glittering and grazes are the unforseen desires of human psyche.
What creates as desire is not oftenly seen as sapphire.
We often see beauty and beast together.

The concept of forest and jungles are,  where wild jingles and ferrocious mingles within  sweet songs of nightangle.
Some times places are names after inhabitants but some name give birth to places that are dream as oasis.
Heavens have unseen sillhoute of land,houses rivers and lakes , not seen but only imagine.
What can be imagine has backups as if seen may it be some where in dream.

Here is where one can see the heaven in theme and not in dream.
Here is a magical  land of mysticism where life seems magical and strive consider miracle.

Ireland, a piece of harmonised Land  on earth enchanting and engraving its surrounding as piece of heaven on earth  (Dr Raza)