Age is simply, numbers in numericals.
 The lesser you have, the little you have; the more you rise, the higher you goes.
As long as you have graceful impact  to shake and shiver someone with your beauty ,you are never old.
 Education is a vanity which exibits as dignity.
Beauty is not being beautiful , beauty is being pleasant.
In my opinion a sight and silt of women that entangles man in fervor & passion is a women’s confidence and educational sillhoute which enrolls her undoubtedly with a  pivotal and immaculate image as thief of heart with  a fense in cage  of regard & respect  that  mesmerises men like me  with her charismatic educational  amplitude and apptitude therefore to fall in love at first sight.
My Gratitude to ladies who remain in field may it be getting education or provisioning education. (Dr Raza)