Differences in Sehri and Iftar


Point is simple!
There is no difference between you and me except that i am little bit cautious and concious and precisely  we all are cautious and concious at some time in life.
This may be like for an interview and while taking schedule flights. 
Some reach early few gets in time though seemingly late.
But do this habit to be cautious and concious makes our schedule less effective ? 
Its better to be late than to be never.
So no body is wrong!
Please! stop abusing each other ,making fun .
Other point of delay to open Roza a little late is because it is kept for Qurabatun illulllah so the theme demands that when you do something for allah ,offer thanks prior to having feast.
However not necessarily it should be this way and we can offer prayers later as well.
In my opinion it is just a difference being created for no reason and if we logically see to it  we can very much understand quranic verses that it is from Layl (near fajar)to Layl(near maghrib).
We are brothern only if we realise its all conventional difference with no religious enactment.(Dr Raza)