14 May, 2017

Mood swing is normal human behavioral response to its surrounding.

People who are sensitive and emotionally charged normally reacts that way .

Not necessarily one behaves in a manner of prodromal aura of losses and loss only but acts of kindness and facts of pain are all predisposing factors.

Kind heartedness is a sufficient support of factual fall of emotional lever termed and tagged in a medical diagnosis as mood swings.

Laughter and cry are two opposite, dispersed and apart poles in behavior being found in all yet with different threshold of intensity and tendencies.

YaQoob (Jacob) was a prophet known to cry for his son Yousuf to the extent that he lost his vision(Al-Quran)

Noah was name for his extreme of emotional and sentimental outburst named after his habitual tendency to cry.

Quran emphasizes and stress believers to cry and not laugh .

Bipolar personality is a iatrogenically created disorder by psychologist as per my stance. (Dr Raza)