DG ISPR’S Twitter account ,Is not a personal account of DG but a port of Military as organisation and spoke person as spokesman.

Tweets and feeds are policies of organisation and not spokeperson.

We all have rights to run or remove what deemed necessary and timely.

Being a spokesman, DGISPR share no responsibilty to be enrolled or tagged in terms of criticism to the extent of compromising service as been sued and pressured by some insane politician like Aitazaz ahsan and bla.

Under no means a internal memmorandum of policy and slip back of military tweet should be criticised in the light of as offended and malafide Intention but and yes as adjunct support to democracy where bilateral relation could not give way to segragation and discrepancy.

On the Contrary Military social accounts should not and never respond to issues that entangle institution and senior Officers in to unwanted debate.

Army as institution has validated scope of prestige and souvenired pride and that shall not be compromised by such mishandled insane verbosities of politicians.