Audacity is an attitude that defines potential upcoming behaviour.
 Its a reaction that express as action therfore potential unbecoming that would be sooner or latter hit with magnitude in lieu of attitude as exibition and beglhaviour.
What more is expected when enemy hit your pheasant inside your own domain and dominion.
War is when one crosses fence as border and jump grill in corridor.
Epic episodes of tease and run hence to come n again expresses menace that would bring unforeseen scene that we see every day as been and seen today.
Point is simple as long as fire is in their dominion war can not be declared but if dominion is breached and  people tear apart as maltreat in heat; there is no reason to bear as deed as a matter of need hence indeed.
This is unbecoming behaviour and we are no bunch of stupid who would forgive for every shit brought to us in bit as tit.
Enough ! Pakistan army should retalite so that these afghani dogs shall understand the myth of war. (Dr Raza)