When are you retiring?

 ”I Guess 60’s.”

 So you still have unseen unheard years of melodious rhymes. 

 “Yup” he replied.

 So do you have some Logical legitimate plans for days to come as post retirement dilemma?


 With a taunting smile on his face. “He asked”


With a blank look and bit of agony surfing towards irritability he replied!


 “Man proposes God disposes.


 Fate is a fixed destiny and destiny is your route that has to be followed.”


Oh” So You mean to say that,


 “Ignorance is a Blessing “. He again inquisitively poked.


Yes!  He replied with obvious tampered tone.
‘It is a blessing  as long as you don’t realize for at least ignorance does not make you isolated and tunnel therefore narrowing you to a focus hence making life miserable like one striving for isolated  focal target only ‘.


He continued!


 “I live with freedom and freedom is freeing yourself from worrying for what you cannot tune and turn can be   toppled’. 


“He replied”!




‘So you are planning to fight fate with your intentions and gait.’ inquisitor replied and continued.


By the way!  I appreciate your liveliness, enthusiasm and sprit but remember ‘ Save something from good days for your rainy days since famine cannot be countered even with rain, but food.   
You should know and shall be knowing hopefully;


‘Wars are fight on papers not on grounds’


‘Inventions have Silhouette of images that depicts intention.’


Intentions have plan and plans are your sights and scenes of events that you foresee virtually before your see it really.


A theory passes through inference, predictions, experiment and postulate as hypothesis, well before it becomes a patent theory. 


We prepare today to fight tomorrow and that is why we say, prevention is better than cure.”


And he left with a loving smile on his face as if hoping to see him safeguarding his future well before it becomes his present.


 As a bystander waiting for the bus to come! I was entangled in his words.


My situation and thinking was exactly the same like the one who was advised; and in reality  it has no difference in mind and thought; that tags  both of us as if in euphoria.


 I immediately hanged  in to my career profile  with a loud bang that is from the days of my Medical school to date at the bus stand where and when an unknown man guided me to ponder a little about what still needs an attention in my life. 


 It was late in 1987 when I got admitted in medical school for graduation.
  Days were like never ending nightmare yet it came to an end all of a sudden when I graduated in 1992-3.


I was honored with a prefix before my name and  in fact substituting my name in lieu as Doctor.


I realized I am no more a student, nor a common man and has become one who would now be held responsible and committed to ailing humanity.


 The change gradually brought change.


I did my House job with more vigor and eager more towards surgery and within the period of couple of years I started my post-graduation training in surgery after passing fellowship part 1 exam.


Surgery being the field of interest and also my passionate virility towards changing modes and matter  in terms of emergency; I persuaded training with immense attention in the field and hence in 1999 I was awarded completion of training so to appear in fellowship finale exam as FCPS II candidate .


 Meanwhile I joined army and due to service commitment and far flung posting could not get the chance to clear and reattempt exam.


However I continued as resident surgeon in multiple war zones and static stations and sustained injury to the Knee in the course of service that toppled my surgical career as a whole.


I befitted and drifted my expertise towards medicine and thereafter continued service as General duty Medical officer. 


In 2007 I left army and proceeded in Pharmaceutical career as in house Physician and head of Medical Affairs / Marketing.
In late 2015 I decided to pursue my career again in Medicine so that professional competency may be achieved and the promissory oath of serving humanity shall continue to benefit ailing humanity.


At present I am working as Physician and General Medical Practitioner in my local area along with little bit of Surgical outpatient cases.


Keeping in view the changing nature of the disease and the ongoing continued changes in modalities within field of Medical science and treatment; I consider Continued Medical Education (CME) as a core essence that enlighten and brighten Medical Practitioner regardless of specialty. 


In my opinion Medical science has transformed in to an era and similarly treatment has become a miraculous gift.


Day to day changes in pattern and nature of disease has brought treatment in to similar zone of changing profile.


The ever changing rationale in drug therapy and treatment has now become a methodology like in a concept of warfare where diseases are being fought in a way as if fighting in a warzone and to the extent of truthfulness it is now very much imaginable that future wars would be fought on grounds of biological war fare.


Compiling discussion to the point of inquisition; advancement in Medical rationale demands similar run in the course of medical doctrine especially when pursuance of career remains the matter of importance.


 Dublin Ireland, remains one of the oldest and magnificent Centre of excellence among physician and surgeons therefore in Medical and Surgical foremost history.


The Royal Colleges that provisions competitive diplomas in variant specialty and similar schools and grandeur institutions like Trinity College that encompasses and share graduate courses are among the heritage in republic of Ireland that shares valuable scoops of advance education.


Keeping in view the dominant portfolio of Medical education in Ireland, I have no second option in learning, Research and training but to engrave the career from the hub and dominion of Medical heritage.


Pakistan being a developing country and for the reason of socio political unrest, instability and lack of advancement in the field of Research especially Oncology and particularly Research and development in relation to cancer and its Conventional drug usage and treatment modalities.; I foresee to revert back with provision to envisage suffering with Quality expertise hence currant knowledge for under privilege nation thereby utilizing the same as foundation.
On the contrary and in relevance to the core issue to acquire relative education; is my interest in Research and development of Drugs related to stage treatment of Cancer therapy . 
This interest also cadre its motivation from our core and family port in Pharma manufacturing of products that definitely lacks current modalities in the field of Research. 


 Precisely, I am committed to professionalism from the day I graduated and I consider attaining continuous education as part of commitment being a professional.


 I hope this opportunity to carry out my studies from the rhetoric institute of excellence would definitely become my vanity that will ultimately be utilized by my people at large on my return. 

  (Dr Raza Haider)