Creation is dependent on Creator so that he may shape up the finish product to the level of exemplary display.
 What is being created is being validated hence rated and weighted for quality assurance hence as finish product to final quality control and despatch.
Every product has fate and similar half life Putting it in to destiny from  period as product to end product and thereafter from usable to non usable discard.
Under the logical understandable criteria of birth and product we as human are all controlled by destiny as well; therefore as product that would sooner or later will be degraded to the level of discard as useless.
Not necessarily we shall  unfeelingly be controlled or seemingly be  monitored yet we will remain cordon in parameter    as if grilled along in boundary as long as we live hence till we die.
Point to ponder is we all are free Soul but cuffed bodies and under all means liabilities entangle our freedom as free being.
My point is whether we are operated by remote or not we still are monitored sometimes in the name of surround and sometimes on grounds.
 We abide because we consider law as guide.
We respect for we are loyal.
Retaliation is reaction and reactions are normal mechanics after actions.
However when we do not respond it means we have other priorities and preferences therefore liabilities that cuff therefore to stop us from bluffing and bluff .
  Sometimes we go beyond our defined and designated boundaries .Inspite of the reason that people can stop us to exceed limit yet they do not respond rather comply.
It is here where we see respect since relation are more important and silence has hidden sincerity that shows regard.(Dr Raza)