2 February, 2017


Death is a sequence of events eventually culminating into failure to thrive and survive .


A disturbance of fulcrum between life as drive and revive .


It is a failure to strive over strike.


It is an inability to escape  therefore being safe.


It is an action of reaction as opposite and in different direction.


It is a silence just behind noise that cordon the sight in scene making ones focus in realm of imagination in  dream as escape  to phenomenon as been seen.


It is an impact that we can not expect  but had to respect .


It is a pact of  analytic strategic tact  that becomes enact as act thrashing life from new phase of dimension in to new dimension already mention as life after death.


It is a phasic distribution after tragic dilution that forms new solution of life as life after death.


Death is just like life with different dimension and in indifferent dimension though seen before death as apprehension .(Dr Raza)