I am Perplexed!

Looks like unfit every where.

Some are afraid of me for no reason some because I am seaSoned and some for they have no logical reaSons.

So people better for you to!

Buckle your qualities and muffle your voice

Shuffle your abilities and topple your realities

Scuffle with your own being hiding what’s in and what lies within.

People minds what you are and reminds what you mind

Knowledge may be Spine & power but ignorance shines & showers making you without spine thus coward

Be like one who is not like you and don’t be like one that shall display you

You are fit if you are unfit : So if you want to be fit, become unfit

Money is honey and you can buy honey when you have money

Vest & valour has no value as seller and what is needed is your life on knees if you want to have worldy keys. (Dr Raza)