15 January, 2017


Family is ! With whom you are familiar and Vice Versa.


Its not just blood; it is  emotion with sentiments ,time without agreement, living without settlement , pain on detachment, cuddle on catchment, standing without reason ,bending in submission , lying for wakefulness, ending with loneliness, living with stress without being stressed, loving without being paid ,behaving like a light from ray, admiring at all cost creating a bay around the love one as cordon of peace, fervor, forgiveness so that they can not go stray therefore always subdues on desire as decay like one in obedience and pray, to your whole life as Gray

Very well said by Mola -e-Mutuqqian  Imam Ali A.s “Relations are with realization  not necessarily;  a blood relation”(Dr Raza) 15109490_10154531007215325_8556516589729288069_n