4 January, 2017
Destiny is not in the hands of people but still people stand to defend people in time of need, regardless.

Fate is an ultimate phenomenon and it does not matter in what scope it is defined.

One who promises stand; stand by his will and it is will that defines people.

Life and death are two ends of the Rope of destiny that defines fate as ending.

A warrior fights his will and a coward run away from drill.

A time of need is a time indeed when one who attend is the one who stand; rest are abandoned and ban .

It is not sometimes but all the time that we know the fate as destiny yet we stand to amend in ascend or descend therefore to command like a warrior in war.

Standing is belief and belief is faith; faith is will and will is your stature as nature;

Nature is your attitude and attitude is your behavior.

Behavior is your groom and grooming is your parentage that explains your heritage.

Heritage is gene and genes comes from generation.

It is your gene that stands and react as reprimand in case of demand.

A will to live free is always stronger than cuffed death.

“Its better to live on toes rather to die on knees” ( My beloved Imam Hussein A.s)