Islam and Booty as Remains of War!

Many conceptual concept of Islamic Perspective is due to wrong interpretation of religion brought about by those who entered and admitted Islam and not those whom were brought up as Muslim in Islam and thus emitted Quran as lineage of prophet and prophesy .

This is the difference between Islam spread by companions and Islam sprinkled by family of the Prophet(SAWAW).

Under no means a prisoner of war as resident and peasant with their land ,living, women ,children and old can become a booty as remains if they are not the rebellions.

It’s a mandatory requirement in Islam to save guard lives of peasant and prisoners of war especially women children and old and in total lives, living and land of people.

Under no circumstances non rebellions and non retaliators should be hurled or hurt and in fact forgiveness is the basic and ethical rule of Islamic perspective as objective that has been shown ,float and endorsed 1400 years back in Victory of Mecca where residents were forgiven with safeguard of their belongings up to level that the unfaithful and all time bigoted enemy Abu-Suffian Malaoon was also treated in a way that he pledged though notoriously in to Islam.

Islam promises the safeguard of people not only Muslim but ; may they be from any caste, cadre or religion making their rights above the right of Muslim.

And yes rules and regulation of any state is governed by state and states do have a religion.

However Islamic state is an ideal and ideological state where every one has equal rights to pray and practice according to their faith and belief.

This is the preaching of the Prophet Muhammed and his Family (SAWAW) known as shariah

Under no means people and peasant along with their belongings can be a prisoners of the state neither can they be a booty of the invading Army especially if they Claim Muslim and under Islam .This is the Quranic implementation of Shariah and the same is the practicing Sunnah of the Messenger.

As to the booty and remains of war any one and any thing used during and with reference to war and its restricted surrounding comes under the act of rebellion as retaliator and its not just in Islam it’s a similar practice of ethical and moral legitimacy among any army and is the act of war in war and within war as its benefit as effect off.(Dr Raza)

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