The Bigots as if, against the God!
Disagreeing an agreement is what is needed to start a conversation otherwise interactive session of meet and treat becomes the event of ‘only read what has been briefed’.
Every child is special to his parent and it’s the groom and room of passion, love, spending time and session that ultimately makes similar successive succession removing future apprehension and shyness in child hitherto building confidence and strong stature to fight against ultimate curvatures of nature.
Its selective and elective spray of love and fervor by parents sprinkled during the upbringing of child that creates a cozy corridor of ego, self respect, faith, belief and admiration in oneself hence putting fence between worth and unworthy hence respecting worth around his girth as bound and bounding making him outclass and astounding.
This is illegitimate concept of English ruling dynasties that keeps employs as no special and employer as someone worth special in weed ,breed ,caste and creed.
Parenting groom to the level of confidence and specialty that keeps you special all the way and al the time making you a king well above the time of taking over throne.
Getting designation and rising to the level of peak is a factors of employer satisfaction and selection and not election and is never a criteria of merit and competencies but always a level where an individual may never uphold a flag of bigotry .
Employers need robotic and not rhetoric thus fencing image of selection in appointment to the level of silhouette that may escape crucifying hence befitting and back footing in circumstances of their desire thus escaping fire.
People born with confidence love and passion never behaves the way a employer desire employee as sapphire.
And yes a child with shatter image would be an ultimate adult in cage best fitted for any such employment where talent are curb and tendencies are shrugs.
Mind you! Talents are your abilities, capabilities and specialties where as tendencies are your potentials mostly a negative term used toe define ugly habits of deceive ,cunningness and selfishness.
A child born to a king is a future king and the day of birth is the celebration of successor.
We must understand ‘we are what we settle for ‘ its not destiny that decide fate its we that decides to die with honor or to live on knees.(Dr Raza)