A tribute to my uncles who were gunned down in the Nazimabad attacks

You never think it’s going to happen to you… until it does. Just over a week ago, I was in a queue with my four-year-old son. We were waiting for a train ride around the park near my parents’ house…

Source: A tribute to my uncles who were gunned down in the Nazimabad attacks

7 thoughts on “A tribute to my uncles who were gunned down in the Nazimabad attacks

  1. i deeply condemn the killing or any killing..but i have no sympathies for you as you n ur elders are responsible what you going through its you especial shia who demanded supported fought for this so called islamic na pakistan…now face the music…..its you n only u who is responsible..you guy left your motherland..you mosques your imambaras…your street your cities..for desert ..if you were in india….kisi ki himant nahine hoti ye sab kare ki…i admit riots hote but they are controlled there is government here but there i see no governance……….once again i pray for departed souls……..

  2. Respecting your comment just one word in reply, Massacre carried out in pakistan has historical presence of India as menace and RAW as culprit.

    So without personal offence we have no regrets and we are proud of being Pakistani.

    As to Indian activity in Pakistan: We assure India will get a Tit for Tat for any such activity that it cause to de stabilise pakistan and it’s people. Thank you very much we do not need your sympathy for in our opinionthe trouble maker is India.

  3. doctor sahab…i must tell you about my self my mother is a shia muslim n father was sunni muslim…i can understand your pain…..pls educate me on massacres by pakistani rangers n army on aligarh n qasba colony in 1980……n many more to follow was rangers n pakistani army is guided by RAW then its a very good news….and you must not have any regret to be pakistani as you have no other other option……you saying that is its our RAW who was behind these killing..may be as RAW is very smart agency……..but RAW dont kill common guys…..esp shia’s now dont threaten me like u used tit n tat…hope you forget 71…..dont rem it…..one of my senior from aligarh muslim university abid bhai send this link..so i just comment on it as its a global village…regarding historical indian presence yes there was no pakistan in 1946…..so its india……….its your president zia who led a movement which results in present day killing in na pakistan………its his music….ur facing……na pakistan was never stable n nor will be…… coz its na pakistan mindset will divded it further….every body is kafir there deobandi calls barilley as kafir..n barileve say deobandi r kafir…both say shia’s r kafir..they all together say ahmedi r kafir….now its national assembly of napakistan will decide one faith good….ones again my deepest condolence to you n your family……..keep yourself safe in napakistan..khuda hafiz….vandematram..

  4. With Due respect disseminated information in India is all channelled by RAW so the discrepancy in vision is always controversial.

    There is no such thing existing like massacre of Aligarh or kasba, May be indians are baBy feed by RAW to malign pakistan. As to rest of your dictation we do not consider worthy to debate as issue for in my opinion Indian views and news are mere chunukya teachings of disloyalty and fabrications. And yes for your cheap condolence I lmust shumbly submit imam ali saying that a friend of enemy is your enemy.

    Please keep your Condolences as you may need it for and from our future tit for Tat

  5. sir with due respect is MQM exist in na pakistan…….ur a pakistani there is a city called karachi there u got colony’s called aligarh n qasba…janab no need to malign your country..its already ……..janab main sure fathey padd doo ga app ke mamu ke liye aur pakistan ke liye bhi…khuda hafiz

  6. At last you have shown your grievances and hidden enmity against pakistan. You people don’t spare a single moment to sprinkle your cruelty by Indians may it be a condolence or homage. Please continue to shower your land with dirties river ganga and drink filtiest water of jumna, we Pakistani have no issue with your cruel mind set for we are aware of your ultimate lash. Please stay safe in your slave land as second class citizen. We are thankful being son of pakistan. Regards

  7. sir dushmani barabar ke mulko main hoti hai………sir m paying my homage……n asking the reasons wht this happens in ur great country……sir u forget river ravi sutlaj chenab indus..these rivers are pure water rivers……….yes ganga is mali…….i admit it…….ur pakistani ya mujharir………sir we have equal right here in india…one vote for every body…….yes there r problems here i know but if a muslim is killed by hindu its a saheed n when muslim killes any other he is ghazi….but i fail to admit when a muslim kills another muslim what the killer is called n wat he dead guy is called..pls educated me on this…..we have a law here…a parliament a court..but u got only army…………..good r u pakistani or mujhair………pls advise as MQM leader altaf bhai said pakistan murdabad…………m not saying he said that……….. take care as chelum is coming……….khuda hafiz vandematram

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