Strange!!!! protecting Shia mourners from what and whom?


R we doing something un-Islamic or are we a non Muslim  and even if non-Muslim ;R V a  Minority or  are we doing something against Islam or R we a piece of cake like children and women who needs someone’s protection to look after or to carry out our religious rituals ?


Rubbish contest and contextual idea.

You people got to sort out the basic fact and figurative sect that is known and sown by Prophet and prophetic Ideology.


We mourn in memoir and as precedented and preached by Muhammed  and his Progeny (SAWAW).


What makes one think that crying for love one and sacrificing for dearest is by Law and in Law is fornication and sin.


lets get selective ! Why and whom should we follow when there is a matter of following the real pavement and pathway as directed by prophet and Islam.

Should we follow the next of Kin as the Family of the Prophet (The direct descendant and sons the infallibles ) who were all time Muslim or those who were converted Muslim.


My point has constrained and tunnel vision for sure but it is this tunnel where exact dimensions of real Islam that can be measured.


Lets Not talk about and the tenure as reign of Khulfa -e-Rashideen and lets start journey from Muawia ,Yazeed and their progeny  of rulers who created the fuss and cults in teach and preached Islamic rituals and forbiddances.


Whom should we settle to carry left over as Islamic perspective as retrospective teach.


If Family of prophet remains the only remains in this Era to carry remains of Islam in dictated form and format  there should not be diversions in further sect as Islamic sects thereafter; for it’s a well demarcated and delineated fact that Islam remained with the family only; for yazeedi ideology carries its ancestors as suffyanic freeze and Hussaini ideology gets its heritage from Prophetic preach.


Under the war of Karbala and ultimate sacrifice of Karbala; Islam rest with the Prophetic family and not the least with the rest and with the new comer.


Under the circumstances and logical avenue norms and nature with curve and curvatures shall be the dictation of the Family of prophet and not at all  MR.X ,Y and Zee.


Those who seeks guidance other than family of Prophet shall remember that followers follow path only especially when any one from the family of Prophet is still to come as final remain as Mehdi.

However the denial of Mehdi a.s by any Muslim should be considered as denial of Quran for it states that


“Inna shaniaka who wul ubter” (Sureh kauther)


Under the rules of heritage and inheritance  Islamic rituals are the leftover of the practices of Family of Prophet and not the friends of prophet.

Keeping the conceptual and logical  worth and girth; our rituals are the practices of family  and devoted friends in family  and is the real myth and essence of Islam ,the Hussaini Islam and  Not Suffyanic Islam.


It is for your understanding that we do not need anyone’s support to carry out our rituals for its our Islam and we would die in its way (Dr Raza)