Interdependence is the term used to define mutual reliance of two or more group parting together so to benefit each other in survival.
This seemingly is a symbiotic effect where impression of one as parasite makes expression on other as commensals putting essentiality as importance for the survival of two contributing their role as symbiosis and effect as symbiotic.
This symbiotic effect is especially and specifically true when we talk about a country and the country men’s for they are the virtual examples of symbiotic mutual love and affairs.
However as per communist conceptual belief “A country exists for the benefit of the people and not vice versa”.
A very old communist concept for it was my teens when I learned it from a book on communism.
Conceptually the concept of a country scopes from the same hose and hosiery of endemic living in the name of class /village /town/district/province and ultimately as nation in the name of country which gives birth to the concept of mutual living as slot of ethnic and diversified people living together as family and enjoying benefit all together as none above the other so to move life further and farther as casually or formally without anomaly .
Such a balance system of living that brings people closer to each other may they be living distantly with a desynchronized heritage, culture and languages but tied to a single father makes them one progeny although variant birth by different mother but in to one and single by father as only thus impressing all together as a nation in succession joined together as one gene in the name of nation.
However eventually when breach in continuity and siege in conductivity routes and boots as ignore or by ignorance any one being under siege consider himself a victim of suffering as if deliberate siege.
It is here where people with suffering starts condemning and defaming their own though their part and parcel thus parting and baring like Abel and Caine .
Agreed to the extent that visionary perception and outlook of an individual may deceives ones imagination and outlook so to carry him on a wrong tract therefore a selective racial thinking as psyche but on the other hand prosecution of grievance rather than console can never be accepted as philosophy of right to react in the name of state especially when such prosecution becomes the fate as human rights.
How can one trial a community in the name of act of a state on react of its own peasant when suffering brought over is itself the policies of state to instigate one single community only?
Without going in to details of decades the point of discussion is altogether the condemning slogan of people against state .
I condemn such speeches and similar slogan against the country.
But one must realize state and country are two different thing joined together as one like a parent whom looks after all affairs and shares.
Under all means we should not let this image wane of that if country of born would have been so important to peasant as country men no nation in world could make its existence in terms of country for its people who makes nation not country that makes nation.
We should realize that if paternity and maternity would have place in nationality millions of people would have never migrated from their native places from India or elsewhere and the same is still the precedence of the previous when million march out from their own homes as nomads till they are resettled in their land here even in Pakistan .
Regardless and as opinion I still believes that a country exist for the benefit of the people and yes the same as vice versa.
In my opinion slogan that imparts impurity and defaming state and country are all part of unaddressed and unresolved grievances may it be from lyari, Karachi, Sindh, Baluchistan or fata .
As a patriotic Pakistani I condemn all anti state or anti nation slogan yet I believe that grievances are platform of external forces where they play game of desire on sore grounds.
Its right time to patriotically define equal posture and rights to all people within Pakistan making equality as principle and fragility as part of relation for essentially can never be sacrificed and reality can never be omitted.
We should realize this fact that If this country and country men’s are Punjabi ,Sindhi, Balochi and pashtun than their remains as another community known by Virtue of joint national language Urdu, the Muhajirs or the Migrants.
As long as culture and languages as entity in the name of ethnic origin would keep pace in the name of nation reaction to counterfeit such action would remain suffering.
Similarly as long as provinces in the name of ethnic virtues and culture would display their name as Punjab /Sindh /Baluchistan/Pukhtoonkhua demand for new ethnic province will continue to prevail.
Pakistan Zinda baad /Painda Baad (Dr raza)