Just get rid of your religion especially if you believe in Muhammed (SAWAW)  and his progeny as Muslim ,and you are a humanitarian !


People will mount your pictures hurl your slogan and lift your destiny like you were born as an angel.


Indians will make you star  English will fight your war and rest will admire you like sapphire.


I have no grievance to Edhi or similar humanitarians but  unprecedented admiring and selective sapphiring looks like special hiring therefore for firing .


This question always shatter and shakes me that how come a person with massive Aid can not for long could not fade and alleviate peoples poverty to beggars gait till his last day as date.


Astonishingly he could not make a single state of the art display that could be imagine and taken over as showcase display yet he has acres of property through out and fleets of ambulances on route as rout.


Frankly all that he bears has his name on sears and now being in hands of dears.

(DR Raza)