Rangers as LEA has supportive role in City to help police as second line of defense ;


i am still unable to comprehend how come every time they become most controversial as front line respondent between public / LEA litigation .


if such behavior will continue  sooner or later hatred among the  sufferers would turned as bigotry.


Implementing Law and order is a  administrative port not militarizing role.


Being Ex Officer and citizen I consider such acts of massacre as anti state behavior may it be from whoever or whatsoever  and position to negate and deny with evidence should come forward so that people may know the real element behind this airport incidentso to invalidate or validate due or  undue public opinion.


Rangers must not and shall not be a party to any incident as enough has been reported against them since years which by all means distorts and dismantle its role as LEA.


It’s a defensive  state backbone and under no means anti state activity of one should be messed with figurative distortion of the whole force.(Dr Raza)