Lost in time!!!!!

Long a go there need not no education.

People were contented though below the line of poverty.

Had food to eat and similarly food to feed their love ones and like ones.

There were shelter and similar shelves for their animals around wells.

There was fire and similar objects of need or treat and feed and so had normal hatch and ways of fetch.

Time was diurnal and days and night were measurement of light.

Fetch and feed was the daily wage of men and food and feed was the domain of women.

Live and play was the routine of children and to propel and excel generation was the concept of succession.

Then with time, man became refined amid advanced and advancement became time.

Time became money and money became worth.

Days and night had difference of daylight only.

Real be counted fake and fake became ultimate take.

Work became achievements and achievement became targets.

Shelter became deserted and shelves became caves.

Human became machine and machine became heartless.

Time changed people and people became animal.

Now children had to write, read and recite in the name of education so to become bright.

From dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn human has no right may it be a day or night.

In my opinion, there was no reason for advancement if life was contented and satisfactory.

We have engaged our selves in mode of excellence so to display our unique scope as play.

At the end of the day, I consider advancement as the enemy of entire humanity and clay as it has created lust among human and rust within as insanity.

In fact, human has lost its dust as vanity this is by insanity (Dr Raza)