8bb3b-bookc10603445_943741035662535_414628720887322884_n This is absurd! You kill Shia’ Scholar advertently yet when we denounce and announce legal offence as punishment in pay; you make it a Shia /Sunni impending conflict.


Hell may bend on us or there may be no one left as Shia /Sunni; this Saudi regime and family of Saud has to pay as repay, this time.


Enough has been the visibility to judge and much is a tell tale story about these criminals as Lord of the Land.


If people are ununderstandable to differentiate a reasonable fair evidence of injustice, tyranny and cruel oppression due to their blind folded love of the land or its runner; let this impending conflict between the two becomes the unending war until silence and siege or besiege.


Nobody is against no body neither hanafi or salafi or whatever yet we as shite are no more scapegoats to be sacrificed every time just to safeguard integrity and humanity in the name of harmony among sects as Muslims.


What more can be a burden as death and impending death when the death is eminent to befall on us every day in the name of Ali or Hussain?


We are people with sense of feel and touch.


We are disturbed similarly, and likewise under emotional and sentimental provokes.


Imagining and mapping a nonreactive response after provocative stance is an illegitimate belief and no such moral obligation remains a consortium as standing operative procedures when penalty to the level of death describes and issues a diagrammatic and structural intentional conspiracy to remove opponent by rival as open sight and scene for all.


No doubt  Sunnis and rest are like and alike our Brothers ; but this decision to condemn this brutal act of malicious and cowardly  attitude of kingdom and kings need to be address jointly as it’s a matter of injustices and cruelty and not just a inadvertent shot at spot.


Let it be clear to all these king of “Najd” who have no religion and moral values with no ethical image as human and humanly behavior in multitude.


They have been a sadist and masochistic perverts with decades ruling the precious nation like vultures may it be their own people or the globe.


There is no forbidden sin that does not virtually demonstrate and displays there performers as sinners.

We expect the same thresh hold of criticism, condemnation and censure from all our brethrens may they be from whatever sect on this Barbarian and violent insane massacre of Ayatollah Baqir al Nimr Shaheed.


To the world and people who advice careful engagement in litigation for threat of sectarian outburst, they should realize the fact that Islam is not just Harmony it is reciprocation as well. (Dr Raza)