179541_311375908939485_961772188_nIt is more than a pleasure to work with the organization as service that has the worth of nothing less than generosity.

Motivation is a drive and drive is an exclusive moment of excitement that takes time as span towards the destination as achievement.

Desire remains the story and story remains the success.

A work is a work as long as it pays as Perks but when it becomes drive, it becomes inspiration that does not care about time, tenure, leisure and pleasure.

A dutiful person is inspired with his work regardless and its motivation is its character to be dutiful.

We are known by our attachments and belongingness and it is our attachments that makes our worth and girth.

One must know what makes your worth, is always kept forth and foremost;

Nevertheless and regardless, Organization is your vanity that makes you a display.

Person is supposed to be responsible if; he is committed to his word.

Responsibility shares multiple platforms and in a broad forum covers both contextual and contractual ports.

Contextual port rolls around family, friends and similar attached people where as contractual responsibility is your work and workplace.

 Both share equal plateau and both are insightful.

We are born to cross and we strive to thrive so to get through.


Success is moving towards victory and victory is achieving what deserves.


You deserve more than, what people think; and better than what you reach.


Victory is a continuous struggle not a destination to land as landed.


Pay attention on the quality and not the quantity.


Stay different and react differently.


We are not made as, so to follow but; designed to create ways so that people may follow the track.


Not necessarily, all must know you and vice versa but you must know what people do not know.


Victory is a day and success is to be victorious every day.


1, 2, 3 are although stand and trend where so called victorious land but 4th is always the one unique that guards rest hence as best among the rest .


In my opinion, success is a continuous process of indefinite ladders; of course, in a stepladder fashion; with a never-ending fate as destination or level of assortment; you may call achievement.


Success is a desire as lust that enhances and gain its height the moment; one achieve its level of breach.


Growth is a word that maintains décor with hidden elements that rocks and rolls with finest effort towards development.


The finest word that synchronizes with the word growth lies and lay within the core of the word growth herself making growth a display that contains many role models in play.


This multidimensional portfolio has era of years with sierra of work aggregating as mass from variant masses that contributes together in the name of Growth.


However, every player has its worth and it is the direction of expansion of corporate girth’ that actually amplifies workers worth.


Thus nothing unusual’ in it for the one inducted on Merit always contribute or multiply and adduct more for the company as new product in the name of profile.


Success is a story and story is an era; let people may tell the story.


Business is not a goal it is a continuous process of stable achievement deigned to enhance, procure, develop, maintain and multiply targets so that new goals to be exhume on targets, presumed.


Loyalty is the last ever result that remains forever-making worth of the employ forever.


It is not a matter of discourse and display but regrets and sorrow that hangs like unwanted unappeased feel throughout the life of employer making loyal employ an insignia whenever there is a replay of similar or dissimilar act by the current employ.


Loyalty is an unseen idealistic insignia as badge of honor that bands around the employer may the employ left the place regardless.


Loyalty is a character over years that pierce employers for years as if something missed as mist.


Loyalty is the worth of employ that segregates girth and aggregates worth though there may be any number of employs. (Dr Raza)