10689837_10153786062609561_7884231869132562491_n10599126_10153782145584561_3963707777844867227_n.jpg History often repeats (Imam Ali A.s)


Once Prophet Muhammad (SAWAW) migrated to an unknown place after the life threatening call from Unbelievers making Ali to sleep in his Bed and then with his companion to destination known to him only.

It was said that at that time nonbelievers clan mutually consented and agreed over the killing of the Prophesy joining hand altogether for they knew that Banu hashim the clan of prophet, was far more powerful to carry away individual clan if at all they dare to touch and tear the messenger by any means singularly.


Nevertheless, they failed altogether and the Prophet crossed the port of conflict without a mere snare.


Astonishingly best among the consented clan jumped in to the house but could not find the Prophesy instead were choked to see Ali Ibn-e-abi talib A.s


Amazingly none dared to touch Ali and no one confronted in bullying.


The point is if you are strong enough and tough; you do not need puff, snuff or stuff so to scuff by aggregating and making a large alliance therefore to fight one in defiance;


This is because those whom are already under the fence of immense fear can never dare to touch one living in enemy’s gear in spite and despite they know that the person is dearer to the target as near.


In my opinion recent alliance of the so called multi culture, multi custom and with multi billions of treasure is like the same aggregation of clans that depicts some other motives though impression has the define substance to fight rebels and extortionist as Daish and similar vultures of origin.


It looks like that, there seems few nations with one thinking and belonging as sect have aggregated to stretch, trench and play another match with people belonging to different sect in the name of war against terrorism as enact.


Although the real theme and theory of the conjoined act is still to be addressed yet it is taking the plight towards a define motive and memorandum of interest waging image and display of war against a particular sect in the name of terrorism.


I may be wrong but rightfully the two sectarian images have taken their relevant stages.


Inteligencia of intellectual monitoring this alliance are firm believer of its substance, as obnoxious and sour if this aggregation in the name of alliance could not breach the port of annoyance and defiance with timidity thereby displacing sectarianism.


In my opinion Pakistan, being a state with massive followers of the two sects as Shia and Sunni Muslims should cautiously and consciously involve in this alliance for any ambiguity would disrupt national integrity and brother hood making this state in state of unwanted affairs (Dr Raza)