Therefore, it is clear now that the Slogan ‘Allah-o-Akbar’ does not make Human a Muslim.

So what about ‘Muhammed-er- Rasool Allah’: does it make the difference?

Nay not at all; the same goes for it; for all many among that bears such witnesses at some part of their life becomes Deobundis with same and similar in action and reaction as far as sect and fiqah are concerned.

Sunnis have a potential tendency to give obedience and allegiance to deobundis in their early or late life especially if exposed to Deobund fiqh.

This is because an untrained mind with no backup of Islamic perspective and retrospective familiarity to norms and culture as per versatile quranic sculpture and the unavailable essence of love and passion for Family of prophet (SAWAW) makes them the follower of the one who ruined in their reign the bloodline of the prophet.

Why is it so and what makes them these deobundis to create new follower so easily, is the lack of attention of our brethren to their children during teens and childhood where they could not create real Islamic essence.

Hence tons of such new hybrid are slowly attracted towards mosques that preaches hatred thus recites and treats anti sect slogans against variant as and hence the only right root within religion.

In my opinion the very basic within variant sect starts with the occupation of criticizing shia sects in the name and as belief that Shiites are the people who ignore and sore ashab and sahaba and similar fussy unbranded .

Thus disrupting the images to the extent that one becomes part of imagination and the imagine picture becomes the only fault line embezzling the stature completely.

In my opinion, it is the scope of Ashab versus Ahl-e-bait among different sect that is the word of mouth and war among Muslim; creating fuss and scuff.

In my opinion, theory of Islam is expressively visible and all throughout the world recognizes the real Islam from Fake gesture.
Karbala delineates the two sorts and cult within the port of war as dirt.

Clearly, enough it defines Islam as real and fake taking Islam out of apology and stake as segregation of followers among the dwellers.
We can comprehend the two slots in Karbala; one is Hussein the martyrs and the other is the Yazeed the Killers.


It is not about Ashab and sahaba it is about Hussein and yazeed.
Here we see clearly the global view when it comes to massacre and killing; every time Islam and followers are being held as responsible yet the whole story has backup of actual two cults the killers and the martyrs.

So its not just ‘Allaho akbarr and Muhammed as Rasool allah but Islam is about what Rasool said in Khum and that is Ali un wali Ullah wasi o rasool allah wa khalifataho bila fusl.

I have a point and that is differentiate the two Muslim if I am wrong and tell me the basis of Islam if both cults recites the kalmiat ullah yet one is martyr like Hussein and the other is a killer like Yazeed.(Dr Raza)