Institutional sale has always been a challengeable dilemma among pharmaceutical companies to smooth breach of their product, port and presence so to enhance their portfolio within defined stature and comprehensive stand in market.


Institutions are always a high value statuary icon as essential asset in business and strategy to breach and compete so to beat market hence always remains the priority Para for excellent Era in many organizations.


Institutions are high value, focal targets of interest in many organizations with prime motive in the field of marketing and sales thus emphasizing invariably and influencing particularly Physicians, pharmacist and similar important stakeholders looking after in shape and format of purchase committee within the institute.


Although much is already on the subject as route Map and fencing point to beat and breach the institute yet less is on the subject of key to breach and broaden portfolio without the havoc of pre-sale expenditures in the name of promotional investment.


In My opinion Institutional marketing and sale has one basic port that necessitates anything prior and as foremost and that is, such sales should ideally be the domain of physician particularly a doctor may you call it a head of medical affairs.


This is because organization portfolios of healthcare/hospital institutes have defined structural and functional values and as such, decorum to follow the norms and nature of the work has immense pressure of medical ethics and under no means people without the match of cash as doctor can ever breach the dominion like the last knight.


Besides and regardless hospitals have defined ports of entry that defies certain days of entry in a week for all such  pharmaceutical representatives  thus  putting  wastage of time as well as manpower and similar giveaways and samples without even a few minute introduction to a doctor; whereas it is exceptional for anyone working  within the dominion as doctors.


The other very important and essential element of breeching institute is a confidence that is being shared by a doctor with his fellow doctor as such doctors with pharmaceutical organizational attachment have high level of business as compared to non physicians .


One more thing that trembles and shakes doctor /representative relationship is undue move of sales representative from company to company that makes doctor liable to get degraded among professionals if at all such moves breech confidence.


Relationship always counts and the most cozy and comfort relation of doctor always remains with doctor matching all levels of educational course to intellect and similar mutual institutions of graduation and mutual friends.


In my opinion, it’s right time that pharmaceutical industry should start matching and mixing doctors for doctors along with sharing port of marketers to run side by side may it be trade or institutional sale.


In this regard, medical affair is a nice portfolio to carry the burden but still less awarded as far as its weight and weighty values are concerned.


To add medical affairs contribute its share in each step from product development to clinical and preclinical technical information until its sharing in drug launch.


Precisely it addresses marketing issues and manages relation between physician and team under the code of ethics and practice;


It Bridges gap between marketing and institutes with special emphasis to create long-term relationship with working physician as per defined code of conducts focusing target drug by maximizing benefit to patient through follow-ups and feedbacks.


In my opinion, Medical affairs have vast influence over achievement of business in institution.


Under the theme theory of assigned task as regard to relationship building if medical affair dept are assigned institutional marketing /sales as task, they may play a pivotal role in institutional sale building.


In my opinion a massive share of market remains a potential  chunk as long as Medical affairs does not continues to participate within  institute, of course under ethical rule of practice.


Although this is unprecedented and unseen operations, among define descriptions of job portfolio but in my tenure as Head of Medical Affairs and Head of Institutional Business; my achievements remained achieved up to the extent of outstanding hence I strongly support addition of this port under the head of Medical affairs as Head of Medical affairs and institutional Business  .(Dr Raza)