Life of a Fighter By Dr Razahaider

398001_334469443334862_1867412116_n.jpg  “It is better to die on toes rather to live on knees” (Imam Hussein A.S)


Standing against the Might and Mighty may it be Goddess or God or Idol as Deity  will let you lone and alone making you tear and torn to the level that either live with sworn or die to reborn as if  gone where there will be no one  left to mourn .


The life of a fighter has so many downs yet he stands with new guns and gowns defining and defending his own ground.


Let us live on toes rather without nose.


Only those live hereafter who dies and sacrifice their heirs, here for thereafter.


Live and be remembered as left here forever and die to be lift there hereafter.


Brace to embrace death is better than live with disgrace.


Shamelessly living on knees can never be better than dying in peace.


Live as if you were never there and die as if you have to live there forever. (Dr Raza)

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