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Terrorism is a doctrine with distinctive discriminatory belief expressing hatred by attitude and betraying humanity in solitude; this is by innate behavioral expression in multitude.

It is an error in sanity with impression of terror as insanity expressing character and stature below human vanity and pride as dignity.

It is a progression of reign and succession of realm by occupation with aggression and massacre in apprehension therefore to implement distinctive doctrine in succession and session.

It is an infected and contaminated sermon of peaceful doctrine being tinge and taint therefore to repaint the real with imaginary and always dear as adversary.

It is a methodology of crime implemented by criminals and prosecuted by immoral as right and ethical though skeptical.

This is; in the name of religion and reign; with distinctive availability of dinner and dine though improvising themselves with variant sets of women and wine in their realm whereas executing rest of the masses as sinister, sinful and swine with and by lashes and fine.

Terrorism is a two-sided horizon where perspective view has different overview.

What is an unacceptable activity to a state is sometime the only option to get a new state.

It has different views among different viewer.

In My Opinion there is a sharp demarcating line that separates terrorism from freedom fighter or any rebel that fights for their right therefore to guide and ignite own people hence to justify and highlight their fight for right to the masses in world as highlight.

Moreover, this line is human respect with all aspect as human above all being dignified regardless of the legitimacy and righteousness of the cause. (DR Raza)