Its pity that in spite of sound intellect the world due to partiality is unable to comprehend difference between Muslim and invading, intruding and then protruding mutilated and fabricated sects which; as been claimed by Hilary Clinton, the predicted , Inducted , produced and than projected deobandis Brand as Islam among Muslim but, as Muslim.

It is the difference of ‘as Muslim and as Islam’ and ‘the Muslim and in Islam’ way of philosophy. Deobundis are the main cult ‘as Muslim and as Islam’ and not ‘among Muslim and in Islam’

Precisely; they are ‘as Muslim and as Islam’ and ‘made in Arabia’ and not ‘A Muslim in Islam’

“In and as” makes a real difference “made in Islam” or: made as Islam” (Dr Raza)12108958_927858427308237_2488926451780806298_n