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It is not the matter of dying in the line of duty; what matter is our death shall be the cash of nation.

An act when repeated becomes enact; making it a law that promulgate without discussion same theory for being a declared, observe and known theorem to comply and imply similarly and like previous;

People call it as laid Standing operative Procedure (SOP) and the definition and explanation of the word entails and state “such subject and object need not discuss again and again”.

The point is the mode, methodology of the terror attacks so far has same and similar trait and trade but in-spite and still we fail to curtail them beyond our barrier as first line of defense this is like receiving them at reception and giving them a bloody reception with deception.

Every time they enter and the unit and place become the place of war where casualties become schedule and threat become essential module.

I am astonished! how come one breaches the first line of defense and why not such repulsive action is deemed necessary to curry and bury  them along so to prolong the encounter  at reception till immediate support to encounter is available at the counter for encounter.

The access to entry and failure to curtail outside the premises has a flimsy silhouette of suspicion that put as question to be answer that is there any possibility that people on duty has decimal or numerical bearing with the terror attack though I may be wrong.

The second most important thing is the immediate reaction/response force detailed should have the command of a Major at least for in my personnel opinion and military serving experience; I consider captain being too young to counter trained terrorist in his own command and we see at least two down in such attacks that makes ideas to be revise.

Secondly an essential mandatory training of the special task force designed and structured like module with reference to counter terrorism techniques and Gorilla warfare should be promulgated for all such arm forces personnel’s looking after the unit premises as guards .

They must receive a combat training in the subject of counterterrorism before deploying them as first line of defense as I consider normal warfare training insufficient to deal with a gorilla war trained terrorist and their make, mind and intelligence.

If I look back and scrutinize last such events of massacre, especially which has involved sensitive military or similar installations; the matter of internal information along with route map of within premises seems to be an easy availability of terrorist for the way they enter and divide so to play explains their virtual visits and awareness  of the area.

In my opinion we cannot expose our trained people to the immodest war of terrorism to lose their precious life where loss suffer is more than gain.

In my opinion;  it’s time to scrutinize graphical analysis of weaknesses admitting that breaching the premises is an indication that assailants have intellectual and faith base bearing  and must have been a visitor without uniform from some within and many beyond; for it is impossible to carry such attacks without comprehensive work out ; hitherto to defeat them we need similar  assailant approach.(Dr Raza)  12027815_962470020494790_960568625619717604_n