“A person can forgive but cannot forget his disgrace” (Imam -e-Ali A.S)

First they snare, drag and shake us to the level of disgrace and then they exhibit us signifying us as an iconic symbol where the world can know and comprehend as lesson learned that don’t dare to believe even a Muslim child and thrash him to the extent of culprit may it be a suspicion .


This is like and alike a criminal; for there is always a second step of forgiveness and grant known as and by word and phrase “Sorry”, that would wash away the dirt of intention behind execution.

Shame on the Criminal Justice System of Insane Logics and shame on such system where a boy less than a teen and among top as ten is treated like a terrorist.

What an unbecoming state of affairs to demoralize individual bearing abilities.

This is no less than crucifying and crushing One with future capabilities

Often the states are run by Law enforcing agencies rather to be run intelligently by intelligentsia.

The dramatic theatrical synopsis that tagged Ahmed in to the book of terrorist and terrorism though for a time being, has visible intentions of the one calling police and the one cuffing as police.

It looks like teacher and trainers have similar likelihood of racism as can be any other person in terms of racist and America needs to securitize its system of education and law arbitrators may it be a policing, justice or Bla thus all such syllabi that puke and pour such sights and smell of race and racism in and from its system specially hiring and firing.

This is essentially if America has realistic opinion and mood to eradicate and build to prosper nation regardless and effectively as a Race free country.

The point is simple!

A boy of- course a known student from a class with a décor of such intelligence and bearing like inventor shall have been a well ascertained and calibrated candidate within the class from the first day and such projects being exercised individually is normally applauded and praised in the class and outside as outclass.

Yet the teacher reaction to react normally and similar reaction to breach all ethical standing operative procedures so to put the baby in custody by police with handcuffs; is a suit that needs address and should not be addressed again as rehearsal hence advance penalty to such repeated act should and must initiate and refurbish new criteria and laws to form and format law of the state that awards individual to act above the law therefore separating the tag of fear or phobia of the state or person as in this case as Islamophobia. (DR Raza)