The Constitution of Pakistan Article 10A “Right to fair trial”

[l0A. Right to fair trial.—for the determination of his civil rights and obligations or in any criminal charge against him a person shall be entitled to a fair trial and due process.]

It has been a customary in Pakistan to utilize constitutional values and norms in support of crime therefore by criminals thus utilizing the same law that grants permission as right to the level of permeability as the most permeable law  wronging it that eventually it actually  give-up  and release all criminals eventually as non criminals.

Enough is been used as constitution and in the name of constitution as right or wrong.


“Right to fair trial” is allowed only in civil and criminal litigations that involves day to day within mass and among mass grievance and assaults with a mere motives of personnel enmity or consortium.

Activities that sabotage internal or external peace hence that damages sovereignty and integrity of state in terms of terrorism and terrorist has no numerical  in counting of constitutional support but offender and traitor so to be treated only by the state and as per desire of the state.

Target killers and similar paid agents that actually work on the principle and on suspicious agenda of anti state crime as if destabilizing the state and economy under no means bear the right to be treated like the law-abiding citizen by the law and under the law.

As to the right to defend trial, it is a moral duty to any citizen to hold and halt any aid whatsoever if someone known as known criminal is arrested specially one being a target killer.

Enough has been already given to the country in the name of rights and free trial and it is time to settle dust and burst all those trouble makers who were used as match so to light and torch assets and gadgets of peace loving citizen and sate.

Let all political parties shall know and must have faith on the state and defenders that none among non-criminal, shall be banged or hanged, for charges that a state can carry out it selves as assignment within the capitulum of constitution and right of trial.(Dr Raza)