Seemingly and as per circumstantial substantiation; Ayan’s Ali arrival seems to be a pre-structured notorious plan designed to fame and frame the artist as symbol and icon so to indicate and express love of people as masses and at large whom are followers and fellows of the artist being the most enchanting and charismatic women.

The drama apparently and presumably locks both students as the main signatories who were to execute and play this foul stage at the most prestigious stage of University utilizing it as if an auditorium.

If we suppose the two main inviters as suspects behind the scene the whole chain of executioners can be pinned and dig thereby reaching the actual backbenchers monitoring and ensuring the building up of image of the artist.

In my opinion the inviters shall have concluded the reaction and its aftermath and must be in possession of incentives prior to celebrating the event which can be deduced and denuded by checking their accounts and bounds hence shuffling their sounds and around similarly as we fence caller in time frame as fencing.

Both students shall have hands in hands with the artist and her handler and under all means clear image of programmed stage so to cage one behind can be denuded thereby prosecuted for; it’s an under trial case of international laundering and a murder executed hitherto (Dr Raza)