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Undoubtedly, Killing of Mr. Khanzada opens a lot more questions as questionnaire.

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Regardless operation “Zerb-e- Azb” has brought commendable changes reflecting a very thorough image of our institution and its competency therefore to care, command and control in both internal external insecurities thereby guarding sovereignty and integrity may they be external aggression, interception, surgical operations or guided terrorism.

Applaud on the work done by our sons and daughter in uniform or else who sacrificed their time and efforts hence life and longings as belongings.

However and in spite of these immaculate and slate confronted efforts of months and years; we are still at the verge of easy targets.

I repeat if I technically and numerically announces the ground results of this operational strike I completely adore the work done and the crackdown as remarkable.

However, such easily approached and handled individual events and situation by serial killers and terrorist as was yesterday ;remains a nightmare still; and this do raise a logical avenue of questionnaire starting from; how come a well guarded and cordoned operation by our forces is still under leaks of such terrorism and attacks when marks and sheets numerically proves and approves a qualifier approach?

In my opinion there is a simple answer to any raised question and the army needs to look in to, during and along, similarly and akin as if two in one ;precisely and straight forwardly, attentions needs to be paid internally as well.

The pungent theme and sour flavor lies in our so-called mosques and Madrisa’s that gives spacious spaces to these so-called militant in the name of jihad.

Only a deaf cannot hear and a blind cannot see that at what level they are up to from hide snatch to abduction and targeted killing along with harboring suicide bombers.

My point is the strategy to fight back is undoubtedly a pleasant, secure and silent camouflage reacts therefore to keep away from section and sects yet such release and relief would continue to jeopardize effects in war of elimination.

In my opinion we may not handle man but we should handle swindle and the fraud always have the culprit behind as man behind.

The punch line is “Not all ‘Deobundis’ are terrorist but, terrorist are always Deobundis.”

In my opinion if few among are collectively summon handling among will be succumb for the guns are not important but the man behind.

In my opinion there are many known so called terrorist as religious scholars who are known by their killings and sinning and there is no harm to arrest them to the level of bar where their engagement would not let meet and treat like we treat spies on held and in held.

In My opinion, delays will put our braves in graves.

It is a right time to siege and besiege as under siege (DR Raza)