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What can you do, when state itself becomes a party and people become spectators?

Under such conditions prosecution is like rape and execution is like enjoying;
Victim becomes enemy and tearing, tethering and torturing become solution to console enmity.

It does not matter whether you buy legitimately or illegitimately what is an essentiality; what matter most is you don’t tear your own thus impression is to bear own by hook and by crook.

In a country where genuine are exclusively replaced and sale as copies famously manufactured by china and similar forge and fake crime executed round and around ;how can a criminal most wanted be treated as judge and the criminal less wanted can be put on trial by similar counterpart.

Point is simple there is an Ali Baba and 40 thieves are roaming around to know the Axact treasure of Ali Baba and its whereabouts so to become Ali Baba themselves.

Under no means execution by State against BOL /Axact was a right way of prosecution neither the crime was to the extent that shall be persecuted and prosecuted publicly and extra-judicially.

Degrees and certifications do have legitimate platform and are essentialities but such platforms have different portfolios of recognition and non-recognition in different states and countries;

Regardless execution of Axact was by all means an extra judicial raid of state authorities without justified reasoning as far as public execution is concerned.

In my opinion seemingly there seems an act of one conducted by one thus prosecuted by using state man and their guns (Dr Raza)