Love is a sense of responsibility that believes as faith; its own principle of desire as only and unique sapphire.


It is a senseless tease as want that has purity and dignity hence integrity till eternity and thereafter.



It is a pulp of obsession filled with passion express as emotion; spraying and sprinkling love as notion.


Love is a fire that distinguished as anguish keeping pain as light for delight may it be day or night  or in spite.


Love is a beat that treat every moment as essential and need.


Love is choosing pain for no gain may people call it insane.


Love is a tear that gushes in fear of loose as lost.


Love is a tremor felt without hammer might it be a spammer; for in love fear is more pronounce whenever it is a matter of dear.


Love is living in pain and spending without gain hence living without means but loving lacking mean.(Dr Raza)