There should be no one other than “One” who shall claim the poorest among; so to safeguard the right dispense of Justice.

One whom is the dispenser of life, living and death shall live the life not better than the last at rest.

Under all means creation should live a better life than beloved of creator.

One who is the poorest knows the poor at rest and cannot and shall not live better than that. (Dr Raza)


Famous Tabayee Ibn-e-Abee Rafay’s below statement is reported by Millanee in his book “Seerath’ and Imam Ahmed in his Musnad that once ‘He Went To See Amir-Al- Momineen Ali Ibn-e-Abu Talib (a.s) on a Eid Day…..

While he was sitting there, a bag was brought before Hazrat Ali (a.s)….

Rafay says he thought that it mihjt contain Jewels etc and once Hazrat Ali (a.s) opened the bag, hesaw that it contained dried pieces of bread.He further saw that he took out some dried bread and softened it with water in order to eat it himself………

Ibne-Abee Rafay says that he asked Imam Ali (a.s) the reason for sealing such a kind of food that even a beggar would not care to steal.

Imam Ali (a.s) smiled and said : I keep it sealed because my kids try to substitute softer bread laced with oil and butter……

Rafay said he asked : Has God Prohibited you to eat better kind of food ?

Imam Ali (a.s) replied: No ……..

But I Want To Eat The Kind of Food Which The Poorest of This Realm Can Afford At Least Once a Day….

I shall Improve It After I Have Improved Their Standard of Life……….

I Want To Live , Feel And Suffer Like Them.