If I had the power to examine, probe & investigate; I would have brushed Mr. RAO Anwar for I can’t assimilate his name on Warning paper thrown by Assailant.

This is astonishing that an organization known for its brutal massacre in world can kill innocents yet it admits its incapacity to handle one single Officer.

On the other hand the keen interest of Mr. Rao therefore to restate and reinstate his previous past and position has display of interest.

A committed officer relies on its competency and proficiency and change of manner and manure never shutter and gutter his ability and capability to curb and disturb crime.

In my opinion crime scene investigation and post crime criminal exhumation always secure all such evident evidence and indication that has reflections of interest.

This is amazing to the extent that narrating his name in letter is no less than awarding him appreciation and admitting work done in encounter hence sufficient to appeal for applause & appease.

To me letter depicts an extra verse and stanza that does not match the event.

It’s an ill formed and under format letter with no matching of words that may define intentions.

This soft & liquid target of killing Shia Ismaili Agha khani’s have two visible and after effects that defines agenda; One is involvement of external agencies and second is an internal motive.

In any case work done is an internal issue perpetuated by external support.

Distribution of incentives after crime is always equal and proportional.

Some gets money some get honey and in any case people with similar intent execute crime together.

The point is this letter is alarming and under all means scrutiny is an essential in all aspects for it has well mounted evidence of all who suffered and similarly importance of officer in words thus pinning him and pointing him as if one and only thus perfect & preferred. (Dr Raza)11219149_960989170598596_6612784087269979551_n