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10351898_960954437268736_4347725452522488014_nThere is a difference between a planner, event and a performer.

So do in game, gamer and player.

Seeding and cultivation needs a soil for harvest….

One needs an account to deposit money in a place as bank.

A bullet cannot kill a person, you need gun as well where as a gun and bullet is useless unless you have its handler.

Nation does not fight but the people behind with the declaration to own their land in mind.

Pinning needs a hammer and nail and similarly the man behind who uses his ability to prove it.

The point is nothing in isolation can be fatal unless there is an executioner as planner and handler as performer.

In my opinion Route to engage & pull out element behind any event has a course and alignment and tracking the cord under such discourse is to enumerate, elaborate and illustrate what comes in such trade thus to raid prior to date without giving rebate.

We do not need evidence when claim is evident;

Evidence is a requirement in prosecution and arrest is the preliminary requirement before prosecution.

The point is what can be seen is more reliable than what is heard and what is heard is always a warning before we see it as vision.

The point is what stops us from arresting a handful of element that thrashes us in to pain and ashes.

Undoubtedly RAW is after every untoward incidents and turmoil in Pakistan but the soil of their cultivation & plan is always our land and folks where they use their sand as hand shaking, planting and hatching the eggs of their desire thus putting us on fire.

We must understand Intelligence is an unseen phenomenon where abilities are utilized by revelation without disclosure and achievement are monitored, structured and designed in succession with tricks and bricks thus breaching and breaking the formed bridge with ridge thus again gaping and filling the gaps of bridge by new ridge as new bridge thus deforming the formed bridge again with ditch.

The point is intelligence is a phenomenon of teasing the mind with a puzzling blow that is unaccountable and which does not light, highlight hence remain unidentified or glow.

Intelligence agencies are the shadow that shine in moonlight and works in day light but cannot be pin and pointed hence in limelight.

The only way to see them is to understand the myth and manner they operate as arsenals.

To track them is difficult and to trace them is occult.

There are only two ways in their motion either they penetrate my notion or emotion.

In either way their impression can only be felt though their expression requires deter as retaliation.

One can depict their impulses in reception but still their image keeps their picture in deception.

They are, but never seen and seen but as silhouette.

They are like body that either can be tugged through head or dragged through toe.

The only way to nib them is; if you cannot find them find one who sheen, shimmer and shine them.

Their ways are routine, normal and lean and their focus is traditional, conventional and customary though intentions remain keen and mean.

Grievance is their score point and suffering is their bed and brunch.

Factors that motivate and speed their power are Separatist & banned outfits

They kindle and then invite all those who love flying kites at night thus becoming their guide making them might claiming their right as right thus killing delight of the one as enemy by ignite.

Among the so many agencies working in different region of the world RAW is one known enemy that is one singular and sole mischief in our sand and sanctuary and its portfolio of serve is like enemy within as if sleeping with the enemy .

To Nib this evil and satin on earth; we as nation needs to eradicate any such port and foil that may harbor or a potentially harbor this menace.

We are routinely put under trial and exhumation by this enemy and the course of its discourse always highlight its presence around our own Folk and firms and farms.

Like always they are never seen and the only mode and method to trace them has one single methodology and that is; such discourse can only be tracked by reverse tracking for such tracts have initials that vow and insist to start tracking it by engaging banned outfits being the pimp and pampered cultivation of RAW.

But the Problem is, though we tag incidents with RAW but thereafter no action is initiated to thread it out till last as the real menace behind.

This makes all such outfits that are the actual cave and forest of RAW as if spared thus giving a fair and free chit to them in spite they are the performers of the event and partners of Plotter and Planner.

Among such Banned culprits are the Taliban backed ASWJ, SSP & LEJ yet in spite of evident evidence of their involvement and revolve as evolve with RAW; we do not snare them rather spare their presence.

In My opinion if you cannot find the one behind the picture you still have the picture that may magnify or rectify your assumption and prediction.

Not necessary you know the theory or theme but sometimes Picture Depicts Theme and theory!

Try it really works; who else among nation does not know the reality. (Dr Raza)

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