Confessions under custody have no legal values except probe and reinvestigation.

If convict has been trial and sentence, post trial confessions are mere admittance of crime explaining fairness of judgment only.

Confessions are weighty and worthy only before dispense of judgment and award of punishment hence during the course and session of trial only and post judgment confessions as Saulat Mirza can only bring debates without bringing rebate in punishments.

Regardless A criminal with documented record is only reliable to the extent of crime he is registered.

Confessions on the death belt with years of silence with or without disclosure of facts under no way and in law engage one whom is tag and taunt.

Death penalty of Saulat mirza only explains that no further prosecution and investigation with reference to his pre-execution statements have mandatory importance and the prosecutors need no further trial and investigation in that  case  any further.

Under the theme and theory, I have an impression that beneficiaries of this case are the handlers of Saulat Mirza whom he played for years and political Pawns like him will always remain the last caught in such murders; freeing the unseen most wanted behind.(Dr Raza)