And that’s how fate reverts as fatality balancing tit for tat.

Sooner or later Saulat would be no more but beneficiaries will remain out of the Grill.

Hanging Saulat would put nails in coffin box of shahid Hamid and thereafter none will be engaged thereafter so to tell the whole story again in terms of ultimate crime scene.

Undoubtedly! Saulat was a killer but the motiveless murderer had motive behind and the one who is a benefactor will continue to rebirth new Saulat again so to audition new comer on similar motion and slogan.

Saulat punishment would mask and visor hence clear the faces of all those who can be traced and tracked hence one backing him as backed.

Regardless its right time MQM should get rid of people like Him and similar lot thus the one they groomed, bought and brought alike, like and similarly.

MQM must start believing on election rather relying on selection thus must avoid presenting only faction that takes and patron their legitimate and illegitimates actions only.

They must realize, ancestors can give u a collar but not nature as norms and if collar and cuff could not be kept clean; generation to come will have remains of civilization only.

Heritage is continuous process groomed in time may there be any circumstances as stances that rebirth same pedigree as were before the dawn.

Assets have heroic & national images and anniversaries and celebration are rights of successors who display similar images even in cages.

What has been the Marvelous snaps of once a community as Education, submission and tutoring has now become marks of vandalism like mafia and none among the stakes holder are to the mark of their Forefather in terms of Worth And Girth.

The saddened part of the story is; it’s a never ending story even today.

What remained a picture for display has become an image to play for.

A fading shadow that will sooner or later fade off at one more dusk.

Nevertheless    those who consider assets as unique and presenting, copycat their ancestors rather scratching like thrasher or snatcher.

A Picture need not speak so to present and represent itself for words of honor; it simply exhibits by its display.

Have a look! What we are and from whom we were.(Dr Raza)


My Father With awarded trophies/ Debate competitions

My Father With awarded trophies/ Debate competitions