Once Bhutto was tested and trial without considering that he was a Sindhi, cost state severe punishment in the form of PPP since decades; I guess they cannot afford a new wave of sindhu desh this time by arresting the big guns of sindh.

Regardless! All legitimates son of the soil in Pakistan as autonomous provincial communities have a formal unseen agreement that halts and heralds any action on each other except few minorities as ethnic and sectarian clan.

Whatsoever as long as ethnic card is an issue this benefit of gesture will continue sparing few and trying all new as if necessary and due.


Naturally, if implementers are from Punjab they would avoid treating criminals of sindh and vice versa

I may be wrong but time displays as play and we all can see it.

There is no doubt about; that MQM has criminals within in its corridor but so do all resting in peace as ANP, PPP PML and PTI, JI and religious outfits at large but I have severe reservation on one-sided extreme use of force on focused political cum ethnic party.

In my opinion it would have been a better position if an across the board and border action shall have been taken but the cat is still out of the sack and can be seen scratching our back.

Although Karachi needed this operation a for long time yet still it does not make me satisfy for shattered menace of Taliban and area based communal aggregation as different ethnic kinfolk are still residing in Karachi that were always a point of trouble and cost.

Many applause to the Nation LEA and their day and night sacrifices but the alarming science indicate being a spectator that focus of operation has become a bottle neck that will break seal causing spill hence messing for no reason.

This impression of one sided smart wrap and grab to be extended to a larger perspective as massive slap where people on intellectual forum can see and draw right conclusive image of Nib and grip regardless of ethnic version as if one sided play.

Under all means, we as nation support our army in this nib so that she may nib the evil from root regardless of community, caste and cadre but belief is faith and faith is confidence where as confidence is comfort, coziness and cushioning that safeguard public interest on one side and securing state integrity on other.

There is no doubt about it that our national Army is beyond this scope of ethnic or sectarian belief and undoubtedly a last resort as son of the soil.

It is our national interest to Free State’s internal threat from all such forces that are creating fuss but that counts more than one focus and under all means allocation and sorting of crime & criminal is a prime chapter as preface.(DR Raza)

The problem is many aggregations and congregations is they defy and defame Islam and its principle teach and as long as this defamation and prosecution remains its part no one among Non Muslim believers will consider it a tease in their peace and none will oppose their speech and teach at all level of society or state. (Dr Raza)